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Border Terrier Diet


Border Terriers are from the Terrier family of dogs and were originally bred for hunting fox and vermin. Their natural diet would have included small mammals and birds.


The Border Terrier was bred specifically for chasing and hunting burrowing mammals and its diet would have been lean.


The amount and type of food will depend on the individual dog. A complete and balanced diet is recommended to include poultry and raw meaty bones.


Border Terrier Temperament


Border Terriers generally get on well with humans and other dogs and are regarded as great companions. They are highly intelligent and tenacious, but can be stubborn and confrontational.  They are easy to train and surprisingly agile and quick. They seem to retain an amount of independent thinking making them ideal for hunting underground.


Border Terriers are adaptable to change and can get along well with cats if raised together, otherwise they are likely to chase them. Borders enjoy watching over their environment and have been known to refuse to walk on when tired.  Their generally pleasant demeanour and even temperament make them an ideal family pet.


Border Terrier Appearance


The Border Terrier has a small broad head and short strong snout. It has a rough dense outer coat with a close undercoat and thick skin. The UK Kennel Club standards ideal height is 35 cms for a male and female. Weight from 5-7 kgs.


Border Terriers can be a variety of colours. The classic colours include red, wheaten, grizzle and tan or blue and tan.


A Border Terrier has a moderately short tail, thick at the base and tapering towards the end.  It’s body should be fairly long, lean and powerful .





Border Terrier Facts













Border Terrier History


Border Terriers get their name from the Scottish Borders where they were bred originally for flushing foxes from underground as well as hunting small rodents. It is also believed that they were used to hunt otters and badgers.


Border Terrier Known Disorders


Border Terriers are prone to suffer from hip dysplasia and eye problems.

UK Kennel Club  Class.


Est. Reg. Number in UK


Average Lifespan

14 Years

Average Size

35 cm

Exercise Requirement


Grooming Requirement


Hereditary Disorders