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Bulldog Diet


Bulldogs are utility dogs originally bred for blood sports such as bull-baiting. They are known for their courage and are popular as mascots. Their natural diet would have consisted of natural meat and bone combined with scraps.


The amount and type of food will depend on the individual dog. A complete and balanced diet is recommended to include natural meat and bones.


Bulldog Temperament


Bulldogs are generally quite docile, but can move swiftly over short distances. They are affectionate and accepting, but can be stubborn and independent.


The aggression has largely been bred out of the Bulldog and nowadays the breed is accepted as being an ideal family pet.  


Bulldog Appearance


The Bulldog has a distinctive thick set body and head. It has folds of skin from the nose over a short muzzle and drooping lips. Their shoulders are solid and powerful and the body narrows to a tapered waist and muscular hindquarters.


The UK Kennel Club standards ideal height is 40.5 cms for a male and female. Weight from 23-25 kgs.


The Bulldog coat has a fine texture and is short and smooth.  Their tail is moderate in length, thick at the root, tapering to a fine point.


Bulldogs have a prominent wide chest and shoulders which asserts authority and pride. Their traditional colour is red, fawn and white and any combinations of these.  



Bulldog Facts














Bulldog History


Bulldogs were developed in the UK for bull-baiting and bear-baiting. It is commonly referred to as the ‘British Bulldog’. The oldest single breed specialty club is The Bulldog Club which was formed in London in 1878. The breed has been developed to erase the aggression from the dog, but to retain its key features.


Known for its courage and proud look, the Bulldog has been adopted as a mascot by many clubs and societies.


Bulldog Known Disorders


Bulldogs are prone to suffer from hip dysplasia, deafness and heart problems.   


UK Kennel Club  Class.


Est. Reg. Number in UK


Average Lifespan

9 Years

Average Size

40.5 cm

Exercise Requirement


Grooming Requirement


Hereditary Disorders