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Whippet Diet


Whippets are sighthounds originally bred for chasing game and for racing. They are capable of tremendous bursts of speed. Their natural diet would have consisted of small rodents and other animals combined with scraps.


The amount and type of food will depend on the individual dog. A complete and balanced diet is recommended to include poultry and natural meat and bones.


Whippet Temperament


Whippets are loving and affectionate in a family environment. They are a quiet dog spending much of their time resting and napping. They are loyal to their owners and friendly to visitors.  


The whippet enjoys nothing better than stretching its legs in a wide open field and will chase almost anything in this environment.  


Whippet Appearance


The Whippet is a lean and well-balanced composition of power and grace. Their slight muscular frame belies an inner strength as they were bred for working duties. The UK Kennel Club standards ideal height is 44-51 cms for a male and female. Weight from 11-20 kgs.


The Whippet coat is fine, short and close in texture.  Their tail is long and tapering with no feathering.


Whippets have a long snout and sleek chest and shoulders designed for speed and endurance.  



Whippet Facts













Whippet History


Whippets were bred in Britain to hunt by sight. There are many references to whippet and greyhound like dogs dating back to Roman times. Traditionally used in hare coursing, whippet racing was also a national sport in England in the 19th Century.


The breed was given official recognition by the UK Kennel Club in 1890 and two years earlier by the American Kennel Club.


Whippet Known Disorders


Whippets are one of the healthier breeds of dog with no known hereditary disorders.

UK Kennel Club  Class.


Est. Reg. Number in UK


Average Lifespan

14 Years

Average Size

44-51 cm

Exercise Requirement


Grooming Requirement


Hereditary Disorders